[bct] Re: which FTP client and why?

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  • Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2006 09:45:51 -0700

What does FTP explorer do?
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Subject: [bct] Re: which FTP client and why?

I use FTP explorer. I think you have to pay for the latest version, but I have a free earlier version if anyone wants it.
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Subject: [bct] Re: which FTP client and why?


I use WebDrive as an FTP client. There is a review of it in one of the podcasts on the BCT web site, dating back to last August or around then, and it was done by Chris Grabowski; it is my preferred fTP client because it lets you access the FTP site disk as if it were another disk on your machine. For example, if you set it up to link to your chosen FTP site, as disk W, you can use Windows Explorer, My Computer, or some other file management program, and you can copy your files into the clipboard, then paste them directly to the site and the folder, if any, on that site; however, the copy may take quite a while; you would have to keep checking the status for the percentage of completion. I forgot where I got WebDrive but it costs about $30 or so. It could be more though; not sure what I paid for it.


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