[bct] Re: what kinds of things should be off list

  • From: Mike Busboom <mbusboom@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: blindcooltech@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2006 18:28:39 +0100

I must agree with Neal. While I appreciate learning from this list about mailing lists that may pertain to personal religious areas of interest, I do not believe that this list should become a forum for everyone who wants to voice strong religious or philosophical convictions. However, I think that the podcasts have been very good. For example, while I don't agree with Dan's philosophy regarding God or a lack thereof, I truly appreciated his podcast on auras and learned a lot from it. It'd be great if we could live and let live, giving each person the respect and dignity that each of us deserves in a way that was nonconfrontational. And despite how strongly each of us may feel about something as important as a life philosophy, this list might not be the proper forum for airing our philosophical points of view.


At 04:05 PM 14/02/2006, you wrote:
Well, I'm not the person to make the rules here, but I'll give you my 2 cents worth and you can do what you will with it.

This list was created to supplement information in podcasts on the APH site. It has certainly gone far beyond that. I'm not sure if that's good or bad. I'll let Larry decide that one. However, I agree with others that it is becoming a social gathering for people who have things on their minds that have nothing to do with podcasts on the site. No, I don't think a way around this is to make a podcast on creation science. What I do think is that some issues like religion have no place on this list because certain list members have shown that they can not be open-minded and listen to what others are saying. There are probably lots of lists devoted to the subject of religion and other social situations which would be a much better vehicle for these kinds of discussions. Also, if there is something that list members want to continue a dialog about, they should take it off list and invite people to join them. Otherwise, the list becomes just another group of blind people gathering to try to work out hard to deal with issues. Don't get me wrong. I do think this list has become more of a family to many than other lists, because some of us admire and respect the opinions of others on this list on a variety of topics. I don't think that is bad unless Larry wants to have the list more structured to podcast topics. However, I do think people have to stop judging the opinions of others. I know, some people feel judged when that is not the intention of the writer. This is especially true with regard to religion. So, the bottom line for me is that I will not continue to be on a list that deals with the subject of religion. I know, I can hit the delete key, but it goes deeper than that. I do not want to be on a list of people who are constantly at other people's throats because it influences other comments they make on the list as well as the way in which they are perceived by others.

As I said, these are my own opinions, but I and others are free to join or leave this list as they wish. It would be a hard list to leave because there is a lot of wisdom here, but I won't be sticking around for religious ravings or even well thought out explanations, because, in my opinion, it stretches the list far beyond what I want to deal with.

OK, I'm done.  I hope I am still here tomorrow.


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