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Did you actually live in the town of Hershey at some time?  Here in the UK,
there is a city called York which used to have two chocolate factories,
Terry's, where chocolate oranges were made, and Rowntree's, which produced
lots of different chocolates, including Kit-Kat and Quality Street.  If you
visited York at the right time of day and the wind was blowing in a
favourable direction, you could smell chocolate in the air!  I'm not sure if
that was a good idea, as it was a lovely thought you were getting something
chocolate for free, but made you feel hungry at the same time.

Cadbury World in Birmingham, which I visited a couple of years ago, also had
the same gorgeous chocolate smell in the air.  I wonder whether the people
who work at these places ever get tired of the smell?  Perhaps they just get
so used to it that they don't notice it any more!


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Wait a minute Pam! Don't I get some of that Hershey's chocolate too, being a
former Hersheyite myself?
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It looks like people are coming back in and unpacking. Good deal. Some
of us have been here for a while, and some never left. For all of you
who just got back today, welcome back. We took the liberty of leaving
chocolates under your pillows. Dark chocolate even. I kept the
Hershies for myself and a few others who like them. The bar is all
stocked with scotch and ready to go too. It will be so much fun to
have everybody back in the same place.


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