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  • Date: Fri, 12 May 2006 12:53:39 -0700

And, I'll order some See's for those of us who crave that!

Karen Delzer

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Of Course, Jake, help yourself to some Hershies chocolate. It's for me
and whoever else wants it. I had gotten the impression that I was in
the minority as far as enjoying chocolate of that particular type, but
I'm finding that I do have a lot of company after all. So join us.


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>Wait a minute Pam! Don't I get some of that Hershey's chocolate too, being
>former Hersheyite myself?
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>It looks like people are coming back in and unpacking. Good deal. Some
>of us have been here for a while, and some never left. For all of you
>who just got back today, welcome back. We took the liberty of leaving
>chocolates under your pillows. Dark chocolate even. I kept the
>Hershies for myself and a few others who like them. The bar is all
>stocked with scotch and ready to go too. It will be so much fun to
>have everybody back in the same place.

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