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  • Date: Thu, 8 Dec 2005 20:51:10 -0500

I use a combination of, and variations of, techniques to generate, proof, and 
test  my web pages before uploading:
1) WordPad is a very simple and speech friendly text editor for composing my 
material for new pages, until I have a final draft.  The majority of my new 
pages consist primarily of text, needing uniform links, headers, and footers.  
  2) If I have an existing page with the same headers and footers to be used on 
the new page, I load that page into FrontPage first, and save it with the new 
file name (this is a precaution to over writing the original).  Then I delete 
the material that will not be part of the new file.  Next I import the text 
file with the cursor located at the proper position.  Finally, I save the file 
which is now in HTML code, to the directory structure on my own hard drive.  
This directory is structured the same as the one that resides on my server. 
  NOTE: JAWS 7.0 does not work as smoothly as I would like if I stay in 
FrontPage for further refinements, so I do only a few, and save the others for 
the next step.  I first began all my page construction using only manually 
produced HTML code, so I only gradually transition to newer techniques with 
FrontPage as I develop more confidence in the results.  
  3) Now that I have a nearly complete web page in HTML, I load that file into 
WordPad, and sometimes load a similar completed HTML file into a second session 
of WordPad.  I can copy and paste sections from the completed file, and I can 
use global find and replace techniques for other editing in the developing 
  4) I can run IE6 and use the open/browse command to find the folder where my 
file is stored, then load it to see how it displays in the browser.  
  5) If I find problems, I can move back to the window with the WordPad HTML 
file, make corrections and save those to the hard drive.
  6) then I move back to the window with IE6, and use the F5 key to refresh the 
page to see my editing.  
  7) Another feature of FrontPage that I do like to use is the spell checker, 
because it works quite well for files that are in HTML format.  I have even 
made corrections on some of my earlier files, then uploaded the corrected files 
to my web site server.  

  I am still new at web site management, about 18 months experience, and I have 
found that much of what we do comes down to personal preference.  

  Mike Justice, 

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  One way is to learn to hand code HTML. I too would be interested in  how well 
Front Page 2003 works with Jaws 7.0.

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  Hi all,

  I am interested in creating my own web site but really have no idea how to do 
it.  I was wondering if someone could give me a few pointers in what programs 
to use.  I once made a web site years ago using FrontPage but not sure if that 
is really used anymore.  any help would be great.



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