[bct] Re: volume differences when playing audio files in different players

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  • Date: Sat, 18 Feb 2006 22:34:54 -0600

Mary, have you tried increasing the volume in Win amp by up arrowing?
That should raise the volume if it isn't already at the top.

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Hi all,
I just sent a quick note to Neal about this (with my talent show
submission) but this is a question that may be driving some of the rest
of you crazy, just like it's bugging me, and maybe somebody has an
answer so we can get our sanity back!
When I play my submission (or other files) in Studio Recorder, they
sound fine. But when I play it in Winamp, the volume is very low. I am
just using Winamp lite with no fancy stuff in it; is there a weird sort
of limiter built in that cranks the volume down or something? Sometimes
the sound is so low in Winamp that I have to turn the speakers up all
the way; true, they're just $30 speakers but usually they're pretty
Anybody have a clue how this can be fixed? Is there a magic control in
Winamp? Or maybe I should just play everything in Studio Recorder and
forget Winamp! That's very tempting these days, but it would be a bit
like bringing up Word just to write a one-line text file.
Thanks -

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