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Can anyone give an example or examples of a professional quality sound card?

Would it be something like the Audigy, or something even higher up?


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On most sound cards, the mic jack is mono. Actually it isn't really mono but
mono is the result you get. It is "sound blaster compatible" which means
that though there is a stereo plug, it isn't used for a stereo mic.  Stereo
mics use the tip and the ring of the mini-plug for left and right channels
of stereo. Sound blaster compatible mics are those cheapie computer mics;
they use the tip and the ring of what normally is a stereo miniplug for mono
and plug in power. The card actually powers the mic.

I am not sure why cheap sound cards continue this standard, established in
the DOS days when the sound samples were only 8 bits and the cards were used
as mainly novelty peripherals, but they do. You have to get a professional
(not a consumer quality) sound card to have stereo mic inputs.

But the line input is usually stereo and less noisy. So you can connect a
stereo mic preamp then connect a stereo mic to the preamp, all running throu
the sound card line input.

I'll be doing a podcast about that soon.


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For some reason when I make voice recordings on the computer, they're in
mono even if I have the recording program set to stereo. If I try using the
binaural microphones in the computer, only one microphone does the
recording. I had it plugged into microphone, and so I thought plugging them
into stereo mics might do the trick, but all that does is record from my
sound card. I guess it's not a big deal since I can just use the digital
recorder for stereo recordings, but I'm wondering if there is a setting
somewhere that I need to change so that the microphone input records in both
channels? Can't find one in multimedia. I'm using windows 2000. Any ideas?


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