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  • Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2006 20:21:27 -0800

This is part of the wave pad software suite Hope and I previously discussed. everything in the message below is absolutely true. When you download Wave pad you have the option of installing switch, record pad, express rip, and express burn. And all are just as accessible through the keyboard. You'd almost think it was written by a blind person, though I am quite sure it is not. I also have a program for wave pedal transcription such as you would use for medical transcribing files from the internet. It is just as accessible. I think all the programs this guy creates have that same format. In other words, i would recommend anything from NCH swift sound. It's not as professional as Sound Forge and some of the other audio editing programs, but for simple editing, mixing, converting, etc, it's fabulous.
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The following message appeared on another list about a very accessible piece
of software which will convert amongst audio formats. Thought some of you
might find it useful.


"I'd like to recommend a program called Switch. there's a free version of
it. You never, never, never, have to use a JAWS cursor or mouse pointer to
navigate it -- it's fully accessible. You never even have to enter the menu
bar -- there are hotkeys for everything. Or you can run it on a batch of
files from Windows Explorer. Dead useful.
It will converta real audio, OGG, WMA...anything, to mp3 files (even audio
CDs)! I honestly can't say enough about it."

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