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  • Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2006 21:15:35 -0500

AccessiblePodcatcher, Version 1.4 (16 June 2005). 

Available from www.webbie.org.uk as a free program 

This HELP file was prepared by a user, not the software publisher: (no tech 
support is offered by preparer)

NOTE1: The program was designed using MS Windows conventions, and uses Windows 
Media Player to play podcasts. 

NOTE2: The status line (read with JawsKey+PageDown) provides a variety of 
messages depending on current program function. 

NOTE3: The manual brought on screen from the program menu is a text file that 
can be modified by the user if loaded into a text editor. Then the modified 
file will be available from the program. 

-- At startup 

1) The program will always open at the list view of available podcaster 

2) Arrow keys, Home, End, PageUp, and PageDown will navigate this list, and 
letter keys can be used. 

NOTE: the above-described navigation also works in other list views in the 

-- playing podcasts from a podcaster website

1) Press enter on the podcaster name you want: the website will connect, and 
open an items list view of available podcasts. If this takes very long, the 
status line will display intermediate messages, until the final message is 
"done." If the address is not correct, an error message will display. 

2) Move through the list of podcasts to make your selection, and press enter 
(or ctrl+p) to play. The status line will display "connecting to media", it may 
display "buffering", then it will display the Kbps rate of the file being 
played when buffering is 100% complete. 

3) While you are listening to the streaming podcast: ctrl+u pauses (in 
mid-stream), ctrl+p resume play, ctrl+i increases volume, and ctrl+d decreases 
volume. Escape closes the podcast stream, so it will start over if selected 

4) There is no facility for rewind or fast forward during play. 

5) You can move through the items list from the podcast website after stop, 
after pause, or while one is still playing, and then play another selection. If 
one is playing, it automatically stops when another is selected. 

6) You may tab or back tab until the podcasters website list view appears for a 
new selection of a podcaster website. When you make a new podcaster selection, 
a new items list view of podcasts will replace the one from the previous site. 

7) By tabbing to the percent list view, you can make controlled volume settings 
to any percentage, for playback volume. PageUp and PageDown will change volume 
in 10% increments, END sets 100%, arrow keys change by 1%. Whatever volume 
setting you have when you exit the program, will be retained for the next start 
up, whether you use this list view method, or the ctrl+I/ctrl+D keys for volume 

-- saving a single podcast 

1) Wile the cursor is on a podcast in the items list view, ctrl+S will open a 
dialog box with standard Windows save commands. You can choose the folder where 
you want to save the podcast, and the program will remember that folder even if 
you restart the program for a new session later. 

2) Each time you manually save a program, the dialogue appears and you can use 
the pre-set path, or select a new folder. 

3) When the save function begins, the status line will first indicate, 
"downloading audio file", and will display "done" when the download is 

4) The program folder is the default folder for manually save podcasts, and you 
may want to choose a different folder to keep downloaded podcasts separate from 
program files. 

5) You can save a podcast while it is playing, but you will not be able to stop 
the audio of the play function until the save is complete, and most other 
podcatcher program controls will not respond. [Next is recommended alternative] 

6) If you start the manual podcast save routine without playing the podcast, 
you can minimize the window and perform other computer tasks while the save is 
in progress, but most podcatcher program controls still will not respond until 
the save is complete. 

-- Adding to, or removing from, the podcaster website list 

1) Press ALT to activate the menu bar, right arrow to podcasts, down arrow to 
add, and press enter. 

2) Alternatively, press ALT, C, then A to use the menu shortcuts. 

3) A dialog will appear, prompting for the podcast name. This will be the name 
of the podcaster website, not an individual podcast item. Then tab to OK and 
press enter. 

4) The name is completely your choice, because the next dialog will prompt you 
for the actual website feed address. 

5) In the second dialogue, enter the correct podcast feed address, then tab to 
OK and press enter. 

6) When the cursor is on any podcaster website name in the list view, you can 
use the menu bar (ALT,C,E), to edit that name, and/or the website address, at 
any time. 

7) When the cursor is on any podcaster website name in the list view, you can 
delete it from the program with the delete key, or you can use the menu to do 
the same. There will be a prompt to make sure you have not done this 
accidentally. If the selected podcaster website was also in the subscription 
list, it will be deleted there simultaneously. 

-- Adding or removing a podcaster site on the "subscription list" 

1) When your cursor is in the list view of podcaster websites, move to your 
choice and press ctrl+B to add it to the subscription list. 

2) Alternatively, you can use the menu bar to select that action, or the menu 
bar shortcut keys: ALT,B, then A to add the selected podcaster website to the 
subscription list. 

3) Either method will keep the list view of podcast websites in focus to allow 
additional selections, if desired. 

4) Use tab or reverse tab if you want to move to the "subscribed podcasts" list 

5) You can remove any selected podcast website from the subscription list with 
ctrl+r, using the menu bar, or by pressing the delete key. 

6) There is no precautionary warning before removal from the subscription list, 
because the podcast website remains on the podcasts list to be used again. 

-- updating subscribed podcasts 

1) Select the updating feature from the menu bar. All items from each podcaster 
website in your subscription list will be 

saved to your hard drive. This could be a very large number of files, so you 
should choose subscriptions carefully. 

2) This process could be manually started just before you plan to be away from 
the computer (e.g. overnight) with all other non-essential programs closed, for 
the lightest load on the computer processor. 

3) Accessible Podcatcher has a command line switch (-us) that can be used to 
run the program in a scheduler for automated operation. After updating of 
subscribed podcasts is complete, the program exits from memory. 

4) when the subscription update feature is used, all files and folders not in 
the program subscription list will be deleted from the default subscriptions 

5) If the podcast website keeps only the latest podcasts (for example, 1 week 
or 1 month), any older ones on your hard drive will be automatically deleted 
during updating. 

-- Subscribed podcasts saved on the hard drive 

1) You can select a podcaster name from the subscription list view, and press 
enter to display in the items list view, the various podcasts saved on your 
hard drive. Select the one you want and press enter or ctrl+P to play. 

2) If you have Winamp, you can select saved podcast items directly from the My 
Documents folder in the folder called AccessiblePodcasts. There will be folders 
for each podcaster name with the podcast items in those folders. Playing the 
files with Winamp provides more control of playback. 

3) You can also transfer saved files from the My Documents folder and the 
folder called AccessiblePodcasts, to a portable MP3 player (such as BookPort). 

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