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Not in my case, don't have any 78 records but have a lod of regular albums.
Just no knowledge on how to convert them to CD, and you all get too
technical with the recording stuff for me to follow.  

Rose Combs
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It doesn't say whether or not this turn table does 78's or not.  From the
little I can tell here, it doesn't seem to have 78 speed.  That's enough to
justify looking elsewhere.

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This from a friend.
Subject: USB turntable!

> What an awesome invention.  I've been waiting for something like this!
> http://www.theregister.co.uk/2006/05/24/review_ion_usn_turntable/
> For sale at http://snipurl.com/qx9o among other places.
> scott gurian, news director
> kgou public radio
> norman / oklahoma city
> ------------
> sgurian@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> wk  405.325.0523
> cell 201.315.7877

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