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  • From: <maryemerson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 8 Dec 2005 16:46:31 -0800

Hi group,

A couple things:

First, I got the Nutcracker book so I will condense it down into something 
written in my own words and read it into a podcast; at the end I will list all 
the music in the original ballet so you can understand what they are and link 
them to the story. There are fifteen total, not including some that have 
sub-sections which I will also list. The Nutcracker Suite is much shorter and 
usually just contains some of the shorter dances like Waltz of the Flowers.

The other thing is that we haven't mentioned hot drinks besides coffee on this 
list. I bet there are a few like me who don't drink coffee. I was fascinated to 
read about all you enthusiastic coffee drinkers and all the ways of grinding 
and fixing it. I drink herbal tea and admit I don't drink nearly enough of it, 
and that's because I absolutely love hot chocolate. Any choco-holics out there? 

For years there weren't too many options; you either made it from scratch by 
heating milk and melting a square of chocolate and bringing it to a boil to 
thicken it and get rid of that bitter taste, and you had to add sugar to it; or 
you stirred in some cocoa and did the same thing. Then things got easier with 
those over-sweetened hot chocolate mixes where you added boiling water or milk 
to a pre-packaged powder. I admit to using a lot of that, and I still do, but I 
often add a tablespoon of Ghirardelli ground chocolate and it makes it taste 
richer and better. In fact, there are a number of options; in addition to the 
previously mentioned Swiss Miss and Nesquick and Ovaltine, my local store has 
started creating a few more specialized blends; one that I tried recently is a 
European blend which is supposed to be like what you'd get in a Paris cafe. 
It's dark chocolate with a tiny hint of sweetness, but I guess my taste just 
isn't too sophisticated and I found it to be rather tasteless. I will probably 
use it blended with some other hot cocoa mix to add richness, but I won't be 
using it alone again.

My all-time favorite chocolate is Ghirardelli. They have a double chocolate hot 
chocolate mix that you blend with hot milk, and it is absolutely exquisite! 
Three tablespoons seems to be the standard amount for any mix you get in a 
canister, so you definitely use it fast, and it costs a bit more, but for a 
real treat, it's well worth the price.

So, any hot chocolate drinkers out there? On a cold day it's absolutely great 
when you don't want hot soup, but just a hot sweet drink.


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