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i agree, think about it, what if you had to pee.

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JM> MessageI agree about the cane I once used a dog and always had a folding 
cane in my back pack. now that I don't have the dog I have a folding cane in 
the back pack and am using one. and anywhere I go with my sighted wife I always 
take a folding cane.  One never knows what may happen.
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JM>   Mary,
JM>   I still have my first folding cane I got back in 1985 and have had it 
corded three times.  I also have a folding ID cane and then one I received as a 
gift which has two short sections and two long sections, I leave this one 
standing in the corner.  
JM>   Ther are times when my wife and I go somewhere and Faith stays home.  I 
always take my folding cane if I don't have my dog just in case I have to go 
alone, like to the rest room or something.  I used a cane for a few years and 
then decided to get a dog and have had one ever since. They are a lot of 
responsibility but overall I prefer a dog.  Last year I saw the lady who 
encouraged me to get a dog from the school wher she had gotten her dog and I 
asked about her dog and she replied, when the dog retired, I got married so now 
I don't need the dog.  We make choices and there are advantages  and 
disadvantages to everything -opportunity costs.  
JM>   Curt
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JM>   Curt,
JM>   Yes, it's all about personal choice; I love just picking up the cane and 
running out the door. Then I come home and just lean it by the door and forget 
about it. I have one of those California canes made of carbon fiber. Although I 
buy the folding kind, I never fold it because the cord will get worn out. I get 
the folding ones because they are easier to deal with in the mail. I'd hate to 
think how the rigid non-collapsible ones are mailed! I guess they have to be 
put in a real long tube or something.
JM>   Mary
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