[bct] Re: thoughts on dvd audio extractor review

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  • Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2006 13:48:57 -0500

Hey Chris and list:
Thanks for the suggestion. I will certainly keep that in mind for my next review coming verry soon.

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Hey Rich
Nice job man. I did have one suggestion though.
When you started the program, I noticed you went pretty quickly. It may be more helpful, especially to people who don't move so quickly to outline the steps for actually starting the program. in other words, you'd say something like "ok, now first we go to the start menu, then programs, then dvd audio extractor, see? It's kind of a small detail and may be basic to people who know their way around, but since this goes out to pretty much everybody, the thought, at least for me is to make sure that people know exactly what you're doing at any given second. People actually may be using the program and following right along with the review. I know I've used some reviews and demonstrations as a guide to using some more advanced software.
Not always easy in some situations i know. But it was a nice review.

At 09:44 AM 2/23/2006, you wrote:
Hey all:
What are your thoughts on my dvd audio extractor review?
Sorry for the hissing sound card.
Having a few tech glitches at the moment.

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