[bct] Re: thoughts on blind people meeting other blind people

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Hi Mary:
Yes, I do have a couple of thoughts on this issue.  One of the most ridiculous 
stereotypes I deal with here in the south is that as blind people, we all 
either already do, or should know each other.  I am ask constantly by sighted 
folks if I know this or that person.  It gets so irritating sometimes that 
once, here I go with my smart mouth again, I responded by saying, yes, we are 
all connected together on a telepathic blindernet and we all talk to each other 
in our sleep instead of dreaming because we can't see.  O K guys, give me a 
break on this one, I have already admitted and owned my smart mouth.  Also, in 
these days, I will not stop to speak with someone if I am walking , regardless 
of who it is, unless I know them.  Hope this helps you feel better about what 
you did, I'd do the same thing.

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  Hi all,

  I wonder if any of you have any thoughts on the following scenario:

  I've had a couple instances where I have been walking home from the bus stop, 
minding my own business, and somebody has stopped their car beside me, usually 
a teen ager, and honked his horn in my face and yelled, "Where are you going!" 
I came to find out later that he had a blind passenger in the car with him and 
they wanted me to meet this individual because she was blind. I'd had a very 
trying day and was in absolutely no mood to deal with people who did not have 
the common courtesy to say politely, "Excuse me, ma'am" and then proceed with 
their request.

  I have also lived in places where a blind young person moved in and thought I 
should talk to them because they were blind, but there was just no time for it; 
my schedule was hectic, and their day consisted of sitting outside their door, 
listening to what I call "jungle music" and talking to their boy friend. True, 
I suppose I should have stopped to say something, but I really had nothing to 
say because they had no interests similar to mine, and my friends said the 
individuals involved had attitude problems, wanting everyone to feel sorry for 
them due to their blindness.

  I suppose in the interest of common courtesy I should have stopped and said 
something, but I did not. These days, having retired, I am still not sure if I 
would do much beyond saying hello if I were in a similar situation; my life is 
not hectic, but when these things happened, I definitely was working more than 
55 hours a week, plus had church obligations, plus paying my bills and doing 
the usual household stuff and shopping stuff, and the days were so busy.

  I think the whole point of this is not so much the blindness thing although 
that's part of it, but I really object to the lack of courtesy in our society. 
It has degenerated to the point that it is very rare these days for anyone to 
politely introduce themselves or be respectful in other ways, such as thanking 
someone for help. I suppose this is a bit old-fashioned and I guess you could 
call me that if you like, but there is such a lack of politeness, and I suspect 
it contributes to the increased unrest going on in this world.

  Ok, I've spoken up; I wonder what others' experiences and thoughts are about 

  And thanks in advance.


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