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I looove hot chocolate, and combining the light and dark chocolate like that 
sounds yummy! I'll have to try it. Also, peanut butter on waffles, yum!
Jamie D.
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  Dan can have the scotch and I'll stick with hot chocolate; it's fun combining 
the different types you can buy at the grocery store. Safeway has a dark 
chocolate that is like what you'd get at a bistro--just a tiny bit sweet and 
real dark. When you add it to Ghirardelli ground chocolate or even Swiss Miss 
milk chocolate, you get a really interesting blend of light and dark. The light 
adds sweetness and the dark adds richness and, well, a little culture. Or 

  Ok, where is everybody this morning? They're probably in bed, which is where 
I would be if I had any sense, but the old work ethic said, "Get up, it's 5 
A.M.!" and the hunger reflex kicked in and said, "Time for an Eggo waffle!" I 
am probably the only one on earth who puts peanut butter on Eggo waffles. But 
it's so good the way it melts into the little squares, and then the waffle is 
crunchy and hot. I don't think we've talked much about breakfast on this list.

  Mary Emerson
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