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  • Date: Mon, 9 Jan 2006 16:51:20 -0500

sounds like you need another heating and air company. All they are doing is
ataching 3 or five wires to the new thermostat and they are charging $150. I
wouldn't guarantee this but I am sure if you explained the situation to most
A C companies they would give you a discount. I thought the people who sold
those thermostats had deals with local heating and air companies to install
the units for about $50?
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This is to warn anyone thinking of getting a Kelvin talking thermostat that
my experience with this product has been traumatic and very expensive.
Someone bought it for me for Christmas. If I had chosen it, I would probably
gone with the talking thermostat model.

It cost me $150 for a "professional" to install it as recommended in the
manual. From the start, it has had problems holding the settings. Sometimes,
it is possible to use the keypad to restore factory defaults, but more than
half the time I have to take it off the wall and pry the batteries out to
get it to reset. After the reset process which takes some time and effort,
the settings drop out after a couple of days. Yes, I read the manual and
understand how to program the product. If I couldn't do it, it wouldn't work
for a couple of days.

I am going to call ILA and get them to take it back. Before sending it back,
I will have to pay $150 to get my old thermostat reinstalled. Thank God I
kept it. Now I am out $300. Merry Christmas!

If I purchase the other from talking thermostats, I will be out another
$300. Obviously, this will negate any energy savings. Has anyone else had
any experiences with these devices?



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