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Yes, it is the thermostat I have. And it is working flawlessly now, my
husband somehow hooked it up wrong at first but a few minutes later he had
it working as it should.  

Rose Combs

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    It sounds like we have the same thermostat.  I have had it for about 2
or 3 winters now and it works perfectly.  It is the VIP-1000 talking
thermostat which has been reviewed either on BCT or on MainMenu.  I
installed it myself with one of my kids telling me the wire colors so that I
could connect them properly.  After that there is the need to change the
batteries about once a year.  It will control heating and central air if you
have it, I don't.  They sell another version for heat pump usage.  I use a
boiler and radiators in my old jalopy of a house but you don't have problems
for asthmatics like my wife as she has sometimes noticed with forced air.

    There is separate control of blower fan available with particular
systems which allow that.  For me, it is simply 2 wires that had to be
stripped, made into a hook shape and screwed down to the board inside the
unit.  The front of the unit pulls off so you can go and sit down and
program in all your set back info which is more comfortable for some people.
The set back feature is valuable in northern states, and can save some
significant dollars if used overnight and while away.  It is as simple as
pushing the up or down arrow to override the preset temp.  There is a button
where the provider of the unit is to have stored a number to call for help.
It came with a tape containing instructions and 1 button reports the current
time and room temp.  Well, they aren't paying me a commission so enough
about that.


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