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Not all of us I think.  I believe that word only affects JFW and not
WindowEyes.  Someone definitely has too much time on their hands.Hi.
To my knowledge, that word does not affect WindowEyes users.  It's a Jaws

--Best regards,

--Rick Alfaro



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Hi Mary and all,
I think most of us were afflicted by the offending message.  I crashed, too.
It purports to come from my e-mail address, but, of course, I am not the
author of that malicious e-mail!  Grrrr!  Thanks for reminding everyone of
the use of the JAWS dictionary facility to prevent future Eloquence crashes
from this string of characters.
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Hi list,
Hopefully this list is still working. I got a rather strange e-mail with a
word in it that causes previous versions of Jaws, and Jaws 7 also, to break
if you don't get into dictionary manager and replace it with a substitute
word; I chose the word "junk" without the quotes. Since I have braille, I
was able to turn speech off and catch the bad e-mail. I hope I was the only
one to receive such a nasty trick. It came from somebody on speakeasy.com if
I recall correctly; but I think it went to my junk folder so I doubt I have
it any more. But it had the offending word at least twice in the subject
line. It is seven letters and I can spell it with commas in between the
letters. Whatever you do, do not, repeat, do not let Jaws pronounce it
without commas. As long as there are spaces or punctuation, preferably both,
when Jaws is reading, you're ok.  It is:
c, a, e, s, u, r, e
This created a commotion with the blind people in IBM when we found out
about it a yeear ago; it was like a virus specifically for Jaws users. I
thought it had been fixed, but it broke Jaws 7 right after I saw the word in
By all means, go into dictionary manager, push enter on add, type the word
without commas or spaces, without proof reading it, tab till you see
"substitute word" or some such item, type the word junk or something else,
and then I think there is an OK button to press, and it will ask if you want
to confirm the change; press enter on yes, and then when it goes back to the
add box to add another word, press alt and F4 to get out.
Dictionary manager is a couple items below the configuration manager in the
utilities menu.
 Mary Emerson
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