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Cool. Did that. Have a good one. 

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yes if you switch to a sapi 4 or 5 voice, anything that is not eloquence,
you can delete it or read it or do whatever you want to with it.
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> Hey, so if I switched over to SAPI five, would I be able to delete 
> that blasted offending message before it crashes me again?
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> hi.  Luckily, I am not using eloquence. i use dec-talk access 32and a 
> dec-talk express and therefore, was not effected.  If at all possible, 
> you guys who were effected should definitely set up some dictionary 
> rules from this type of behavior.
> Also, the JAWS 6.20 update fixes this bug with the first 3 letter 
> combination of the offending word.
> So if you're using an earlier version of JAWS 6, I would definitely 
> upgrade to that version if you can.
> I've no doubt lary is on the case and the individual, or individuals 
> doing this will be bounced soon.
> At 05:42 PM 3/18/2006, you wrote:
>>Hi Mary and all,
>>I think most of us were afflicted by the offending message.  I 
>>crashed, too.  It purports to come from my e-mail address, but, of 
>>course, I am not the author of that malicious e-mail!  Grrrr!  Thanks 
>>for reminding everyone of the use of the JAWS dictionary facility to 
>>prevent future Eloquence crashes from this string of characters.
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>>Hi list,
>>Hopefully this list is still working. I got a rather strange e-mail 
>>with a word in it that causes previous versions of Jaws, and Jaws 7 
>>also, to break if you don't get into dictionary manager and replace it 
>>with a substitute word; I chose the word "junk" without the quotes. 
>>Since I have braille, I was able to turn speech off and catch the bad 
>>e-mail. I hope I was the only one to receive such a nasty trick. It 
>>came from somebody on speakeasy.com if I recall correctly; but I think 
>>it went to my junk folder so I doubt I have it any more. But it had 
>>the offending word at least twice in the subject line. It is seven 
>>letters and I can spell it with commas in between the letters. 
>>Whatever you do, do not, repeat, do not let Jaws pronounce it without 
>>commas. As long as there are spaces or punctuation, preferably both, 
>>when Jaws is reading, you're ok.  It is:
>>c, a, e, s, u, r, e
>>This created a commotion with the blind people in IBM when we found 
>>out about it a yeear ago; it was like a virus specifically for Jaws 
>>users. I thought it had been fixed, but it broke Jaws 7 right after I 
>>saw the word in braille.
>>By all means, go into dictionary manager, push enter on add, type the 
>>word without commas or spaces, without proof reading it, tab till you 
>>see "substitute word" or some such item, type the word junk or 
>>something else, and then I think there is an OK button to press, and 
>>it will ask if you want to confirm the change; press enter on yes, and 
>>then when it goes back to the add box to add another word, press alt 
>>and F4 to get out.
>>Dictionary manager is a couple items below the configuration manager 
>>in the utilities menu.
>>  Mary Emerson
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