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Why? I mean, given that despite all this discussion bind people don't have sex, as we know, and we have to content ourselves with being cheerful and musical, surely then a few beads arent too much to ask? The shop didn't even have my fave Belgian chocolate wafers today - hell, a guy's gotta have some thrills. Or a gal, of course. Or a cat. OK, OK, OK, eveyone's included in everything,m OK.
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Oh, yes, I agree.  I have always done that up till my last watch, which my
husband got for me for Christmas from ILA.  It has beads on it, so is very
dressy.  ... On second thought, maybe you guys should eschew the beads,

Karen Delzer

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Hello Joe,

I'm Kevin, new to the list and I've got a suggestion for your watch dilemma.
After purchasing one from one of the retailers mentioned, get the band
changed at a jeweler store or watch retailer. You'll get a nicer band than
the typical leather or leatherette one that comes with a nice talking watch.

I've done this with a gold talking watch I have and am going to be doing
that with the silver one I just bought. Once you change the band, the watch
looks very smart and distinctive.

To the rest of the list, you'll be hearing from me very soon.

Take care,
Kevin Shaw

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