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  • Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2006 21:18:57 -0600

I have gotten several things uploaded to my ftp site with no information
about who they are from or what they are.  So, I just uploaded a very
short podcast to the APH ftp site asking people to let me know what's
what.  It occurred to me that these may have come from people not on the
list.  Also, I'm not sure we ever told the people who were not on the
list about the fact that we were now introducing ourselves.  I am
working on the show and it should be done soon, but I do hope I hear
from people with their intros and at least some information about their
By the way, I can not find any absolute information on two performances
that a couple people sent in:  Cheek to Cheek or When I fall in love.
Here is an interesting thing about copyright which is making this so
difficult.  The normal rule of thumb used to be that a song was in the
public domain 70 years after the death of the composer.  however, there
are constant changes being made to these laws, and there are two other
confusing factors.  First, the person who wrote the music may not be the
same as the person who wrote the lyrics, so it does not go into the
public domain until the last of these two people have died.  Secondly,
and here is the real kicker, song writers often will family members or
others the copyright to their work.  So, now we have to know who was in
the will and if they have died.  Of course, they could have willed it to
someone else before they died, so we go on and on.  If you think we are
the only people who have trouble with this, let me tell you a true
story.  A number of years ago, a world famous dance company was
appearing here in Madison.  They were dancing to a specific recording of
a Strauss piece.  Someone in the audience happened to be a great niece
or some relation to the Strauss family.  As it turned out, the copyright
of both the words and the melody of this piece was still held by the
Strauss family.  They had to pull the music and continue the tour by
dancing in silence.  So, you see now where we are.  Oh that it were
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