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Not quite as silent as Jake, although that would be amazing enough.
Sometimes, Larry's partner is not silent at all.  Just check the
podcasts on the BCT list and you will find him.
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Hahaha  Well, I thought it was lids to those rubber made storage
containers, so I guess Phil's trash can statement was along the same
lines.  As to who was doing the drumming?  Hmmm, I have two guesses,
Larry, or Jake.  <grins>

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I think that the mystery guest is Dan, but I don't know what he's
It sounds like congas or plastic Coke bottles..

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Hi all,
I suppose people have already commented on this; I am late with e-mail
today and probably will be for the next few days, due to a rather large
project of converting video files to MP3 files which is taking a lot of
time. But, I did want to thank Neal for a wonderful job with the talent
show, and thanks to all the incredibly talented people involved with
BCT! I haven't got a clue who the mystery guest is, but it sounded to me
like those were bongo drums. I haven't read any e-mail yet, but since I
read it as it was written, maybe somebody has already solved the
mystery. The drumming sounded very Caribean or African to me, and maybe
even a bit like the south Pacific, but since I don't know a lot about
that type of music, my guess is probably wrong. In fact, the talent show
is a great way to hear music that's different from what we usually hear;
the poetry was great, and I could really relate to the Rubik's cube
poem; I might still have one around here. Megan's poetry was lovely, and
Kai's was so incredible with all the sounds, and I know there were other
poems which I am definitely forgetting. Cindy, your song reminds me of
music my church used to sing. Hope, I am glad you chose the song you
did, with all those lovely nature sounds. The jazz was remarkable
because of its diversity and variety; Lynnette, you and Maria were
wonderful and your voices blend so well, and I really enjoyed the song.
I know I've forgotten somebody, and I don't intend to leave anyone out;
let me just say the talent was terrific and all the intros helped put
voices to the e-mails we read every day. Thanks to all the talented
people who made the show such an incredible experience to listen to!
Mary Emerson
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