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  • Date: Sat, 10 Dec 2005 13:34:43 -0600

Hi Mary et all. Mary, I hope your laringitis goes away soon. I am trying hard 
to stay indoors so I don't get sick. That'll be easy today as my roommate and I 
have nothing going. But tomorrow we are going to a blues concert.
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  Hope and everybody,,

  Let me know how your peanut butter hot chocolate turns out. I just glob some 
in there and devour it!

  Unfortunately I've gotten a case of laryngitis which will probably turn into 
a sore throat and cold, which means the sense of taste will disappear for a 
while, so that's all the more reason to taste hot chocolate before it's time 
for soup and herbal medicine. Actually the guys at the office invited me to a 
pizza lunch next week and I probably won't go since the cold will be in the 
coughing and sneezing stage by then. It would be fun to see everyone, but there 
will be a dose of office politics in there in addition to my cold being 
contagious, and as I said in another e-mail, I don't live on that corporate 
planet any more. Everyone I talk to from that world sounds like they're living 
on caffeine and stress. Those poor folks don't know how to slow down and enjoy 

  Well anyway, time for a break from podcasting for a while.


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