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  • Date: Fri, 4 Nov 2005 10:38:33 -0600

Makes sense. That is also probably something that wouldn't be as apparent
when listening to the podcasts. That reinforces the notion that while the
binaural mics can give accurate representations of three-dimensional sound,
those impressions are not totally reliable. Oops! I promised during my last
call to the commenht line that I wouldn't pursue that subject any further.
By the way, Larry, when you asked me the other day what Stan Hendrix's last
name was, I couldn't help answering you out loud. I knew what I was doing,
that it was foolish, but I still couldn't stop myself. Quite funny,
actually. I love it when you try to interrupt callers from the comment line
to answer their questions. How rude of them to keep talking when you're
trying to insert a comment! Lol! 

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I do often go right ahead and cross right away if I have the paralell
traffic, but this is dependent on which street I'm crossing and I often hear
the traffic change ahead of time, so I know I have time before the light
changes again.

>>> jamiepauls@xxxxxxxxxxxxx Friday, November 04, 2005 10:49:00 AM >>>
Living in a rural area, I haven't had a lot of opportunities to cross with
street lights. When I did, I always waited for a full cycle before heading
across the street. In listening to Larry's walks to work, it sounds to me
like he often crosses immediately when coming up to an intersection where
the traffic is already parallel to him. Is this true, or are my ears
perceiving incorrectly? I've wanted to ask that one for a while.

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Well, I'm not suffering from any hearing loss that I know of, and *I* can't
cross streets, or even walk for that matter, in a straight line.  I don't
know why, but I always veer, usually to the right, even if it feels to me
like I'm walking straight.

It got to the point that my mobility instructor *insisted* I get a dog,
because she felt the dog would help keep me straight.  And for the most
part, he did.  I figured when I started using a cane again I'd be able to
retain the straightness, after walking with Boomer for so long ... but such
was not to be.

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> Howdy, Chris and all.  Now, here is a very interesting subject, so we
> just have to change the subject line if this discussion continues.  I
> to know how you people who are both blind and hard of hearing handle

> street
> crossing.  I can't cross a street, because every time I do so, I step
> and immediately begin to swerve.  I can't keep straight, due to the 
> balance problems caused by the way my ears now hear things.  Hearing 
> aids
have a
> worse effect, and I am afraid I'll get killed.  Can we please have a 
> discussion about this and how to rectify the situation?  I'm missing
> on
> a great deal simply because I can't get to it.  Thanks so much for
> responses!!!

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