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    On the little cords like earbuds and such, the only way to avoid tangling 
is to wrap them around something like a piece of cardboard or an empty thread 
spool.  Then you can keep them in any container you want.  Once I purchased a 
set of earbuds and they came in a case which kept them untangled but I've long 
since thrown them out.  I think they were Sony brand.  If you don't want to 
wind them around a spool, you could wind them around a few fingers and slide 
the wound corded item off your fingers and use a tiny rubber band to secure 
them and prevent tangling.If you did that with the binaural mikes, you could 
use a tupperware smidget to store them in your pocket for easy access.  That's 
what I've been doing.  O.K., I didn't mean to give a thesis on cord storage.
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  I'm curious how those of you who have such equipment as earbuds and binaural 
mikes store them so as not to endanger the small, thin chords.  I can't seem to 
find a carrying case for my binaural mikes, and don't like the idea of just 
cramming them into the box with the recorder.  First of all, it can't be too 
good for the cords, and second, any time I want to use them they need to be 
untangled, which takes forever.

  I suppose I could get some twist-ties or something ... I was just curious how 
y'all handle that.

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