[bct] Re: still in search of a DVD client

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  • Date: Mon, 29 May 2006 07:22:46 -0400

Hi Ray,
Since WinDVD does not have separate volume controls, how about adding hardware volume controls to each speaker?
I think they are called mixer boxes, and my Dad made one up from parts at a radio shack.
It had 5 input jacks and 5 volume controls and 5 output jacks.
And it worked great!

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Good luck on that one.
I'd say give WinDVD a try, it's nice and accessible, and has native 5.1
channel support. However, it, of course, doesn't allow you to change the
output separately. Kind of stupid, as it does just about everything else

Ah well, just another reason I haven't messed with 5.1 channel stuff...

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