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  • Date: Fri, 3 Mar 2006 18:10:10 -0600

Well, you can't go wrong with the Sony MZR-H910 Minidisc recorder.  I picked it 
up for $216.00 and that's got to be one of the best little recorders I've ever 
got my hands on.  It's never let me down yet.  

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Hi all,
I'm wanting to start my own podcast.  I've heard of something called a minidisc 
recorder but I'm not sure which one to get.  If anyone on here uses one of 
these what type is it?  I mean do you use the ones from sony or is there 
another one?  Can you take the recorder with you on short trips like eating out?
I know this sounds like a lot of questions but if I can, I'd rather get a 
minidisc recorder since I don't have the finances to purchase one of the more 
expensive digital recorders.  Thanks and take care.

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