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Adam, I use the pro version but I think the answer will be the same.
You can set marks in Sound Forge by pressing the "M" key when your
cursor is at the position you want to set as a mark.  Thus, you would
set a mark at the beginning of the part of the file you wanted to
delete, then set one at the end of the section.  Now, when you are at
the mark at the end of the section you can press Control left arrow to
go back to the previous mark.  If you want to select from the end mark
to the one you set at the beginning, simply press the shift key along
with the control and left arrow keys and the entire section of the
file between the marks will then be selected.  Now, simply press
Control X to delete the portion of the file between the marks.  You
can now press Control K to hear the way the two parts of the file
sound when they are joined without the part you deleted.

I hope this helps.


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Hi everyone,

looking for some soundforge help.

I've just purchased the studio version  8.

If I want to select part of a file to delete I'm wondering how this is
done if its not at the beginning or end of the file.

I've tried pressing left bracket at the beginning and right bracket at
the end of where I want the selection to be, this doesn't work. I've
also tried left brace and right brace, also don't work. I used to in
earlier versions press enter at the start, then spacebar to play till
where I wanted to stop, then enter again, then press delete. this
doesn't work.

I'm using jfw7 out of interest.

any help on or off list is appreciated.

Adam Morris

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