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  • Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2006 15:40:59 -0500

Hi Neal,

I too would appreciate the Sound Forge audio tutorial/demo whenever you can
get to it.

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Randy, on my list of things to do is a podcast on using sound forge with the
snowman's scripts for JAWS.  I'm going to try to get to it this week, but I
can't promise.  There used to be a demo on the snowmans web page at
http://snowmanradio.com/ But I haven't seen it for a while.  You could
contact him and see if it is still available.  It didn't really teach you to
use sound forge as much as it talked about his scripts.  If you send me some
questions you have, I'll try to include them in my podcast.


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Does any one know Ware I could hear a tutorial about sound forge?  I really
want to do a pod cast, and I have sound forge, so could anyone help me.
I've got the scripts but I'm not sure if they work or not.  I have knowledge
of audio and could hook up a mixer to the computer.  I have allot of
microphones and such but I just need to learn the program or at least have a
basic knowledge of it.  I really want to do this pod cast so if someone
could please help or tell Ware to find help.  I appreciate it and i'll talk
to you all later.

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