[bct] Re: sorry for the off topic stuff.

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In my opinion it's not off the  list's subjects,

We all need each other from time to time and this list is where we go to get help. So if the list is as open as we hope it is then what better place to go? You came for help and if prayer gives that support then in my opinion the list has lived up to it's reason for existence. Joe

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Subject: [bct] Re: sorry for the off topic stuff.

Hi Doug,
We'll be thinking of you and sending good thoughts.
God Bless
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Subject: [bct] sorry for the off topic stuff.

hello all, I need everyone's prayers here, as I will be going in the next week or 2 to an eye specialest to check my eye out, for something. there's a slight chance my right eye may have to be removed. again, sorry for the off topic stuff ehre.

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