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Once I got one of those things that said, I am an automated real person.
please tell me what you need.  Speak very slowly.  Obviously this was a
speech input device.  So, after a few futile attempts to make it
understand me, I began to tell it a story.  It kept saying it couldn't
understand me.  Finally, the phone rang as it was being transferred to a
real person.  He did give me a shock when he said, "Boy the things you
said to our automated answering person really came through very clearly
on the screen in front of me.  I did have the presence of mind to ask
him if he liked the story, and then I hung up.


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I absolutely cannot stand those automated-response systems. If and when 
there's an alternate choice to press the corresponding digit on the
keypad, I go for that.
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> Hi,
>    Just listened to Larry's podcast with dell tech support.  I must 
> say that, while I still maintain this Dell computer I have is a very 
> good machine, I must also agree with those of us complaining about 
> lousy tech support.  Let me ad a new element to the cacophony of tech 
> support complaints.  those automated phone systems which are supposed 
> to respond to your own voice.  IF you're in a quiet environment with 
> absolutely know sound
> at all, (a sound proof booth maybe) those things might work; but, in
> environment which is more realistic, (such as the one Larry was in)
> I
> mean just forget it.  After all, how many of us have sound proof
> anyhow?  Outsourcing to other countries is another big issue with me. 
> Let's
> face it y'all.  We're the best help we have; each other.  Corporate 
> doesn't
> care less about the riff raff out there.  Let me let y'all in on a
> little secret.  Corporate doesn't care about the customer service
> representatives either.  The reason is that customer service 
> representatives
> don't generate revenue and so they're just peons to the corporate 
> executive
> officers.
> Sincerely yours,
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