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I absolutely cannot stand those automated-response systems. If and when there's an alternate choice to press the corresponding digit on the phone keypad, I go for that.
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Just listened to Larry's podcast with dell tech support. I must say
that, while I still maintain this Dell computer I have is a very good
machine, I must also agree with those of us complaining about lousy tech
support. Let me ad a new element to the cacophony of tech support
complaints. those automated phone systems which are supposed to respond to
your own voice. IF you're in a quiet environment with absolutely know sound
at all, (a sound proof booth maybe) those things might work; but, in an
environment which is more realistic, (such as the one Larry was in) well, I
mean just forget it. After all, how many of us have sound proof booths
anyhow? Outsourcing to other countries is another big issue with me. Let's
face it y'all. We're the best help we have; each other. Corporate doesn't
care less about the riff raff out there. Let me let y'all in on a dirty
little secret. Corporate doesn't care about the customer service
representatives either. The reason is that customer service representatives
don't generate revenue and so they're just peons to the corporate executive

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