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  • Date: Wed, 14 Dec 2005 11:44:10 -0500

Hi again, just  got this in my inbox, it seems cool and seeing that most of the 
people on this list like audio stuff? check this out. 

A special Christmas Gift from ATI and Talking Communities!

Using Cutting Edge Technology to Enhance your Business Presence on
the Web with CathyAnne and George Buys

Please join us Wednesday, December 14 from 3:00 - 5:00 PM Pacific for
a special seminar. During this exciting two-hour seminar, CathyAnne
will share how you can use cutting edge technology to bring your
business into the 21st century.
CathyAnne will share the tricks of the trade she has learned through
using the most powerful and accessible tools on the Internet. From
managing a voice chat conference to presenting audio and video on the
Internet and creating a powerful and respectable presence on the
World Wide Web.
this three-hour seminar will be information packed. You are invited
to join CathyAnne and her special guest George Buys in this special
seminar that is free to all and a gift to our community from ATI and
Talking Communities.

You may view the Seminar Schedule here:


The link below will allow access to the conference room.  Please
enter your name without a password to enter.  Please use your real
name.  Anyone using a handle or nickname will be immediately and
permanently banned from the conference room.  The room will be
available a half hour before the conference begins.

You can also visit:

to view the Seminar Schedule and enter the conference room.
Kerry Calderon
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Seasons  greetings.

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