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Hi Lois. I'm replying a bit late here because I've gotten backlogged on email. I find the whole sleep disorder thing most interesting. A few days ago I listened to the podcast where Don Barrett demonstrated the CPAP machine and talked about his sleep apnea. An uncle of mine uses a CPAP to control sleep apnea and loves the machine. I myself have never had problems sleeping. I have been blind since birth and only have light perception. My roommate is legally blind and is losing more vision it seems, and he seems to have a lot of trouble sleeping although some of it I think is just laziness, LOL! He's not up yet today and we have to be somewhere at 3:00. He said last night and the night before that he would mop the kitchen floor.
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I am totally blind. I had some sight in one eye until just before school
age. I've noticed over the years that because of not being directly
affected by the day/night light/dark cycle, it is easy for me to turn days
and nights around. This is especially so if, for a time, I don't have a
necessary schedule of daytime activities. Sometimes this can be useful and
fun. But then comes a period of time when I must be active with other
normally day/night observing people. I have found that using melatonin
helps to reset your circadian rhythm, sotospeak. Before we had that, when I
was in college and had to be up for early classes, after being off schedule
for awhile, I would find and take some over the counter sleeping pill, just
for a week or so to regulate myself to a more or less normal day/night
cycle. I never abused these. I've always had a healthy respect for taking
such things. Just some interesting observations.
Lois Goodine.

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