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Mary, it is much easier to use the global hotkeys that can be turned on for
Skype.  There is a checkbox for global hotkeys in one of the tabs in the
options menu choice in the tools menu.  When you check that box, alt plus
page up becomes the answer command and alt plus page down is for hang up.  
Skype really is a very easy program to install and it is amazing how it just
works without fussing around with opening ports, etc.  Also, you can easily
put it in a mode where you won't get interrupted.  
If anyone would like to add me to their Skype contact list, my Skype userid
is billbelew.  That is all lower case with no space.  

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Hi Mary,
How are you?  I hope well.
Ah, Skype.  If, you get a ringing sound from Skype, the thing to do to
answer a call is: press alt C, which will bring up a menu called call menu.
Next, press enter, and it should say, answer submenu this you enter on.  It
should then read you is calling, and if you enter on their name, it should
answer the call.  That's the difficult way, but you could use hotkeys too.
I know it's a bit difficult, believe me, I'm still going through the
learning process, but once you've done it the first time, it's not so
If you're on Skype later, if you'd like, we can try it.
I know this was a bit vague, but I hope it was helpful.
Hope to "Skype soon", 

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Mika and list,,
When I invoke Skype 2 with the scripts from jfwlite, they seem to work; at
least when I do insert-h I get the information from the scripts. So for now
am keeping them. Similarly, I still use the Jaws 5 scripts for Easy CD
Creator with Jaws 7 and they still work fine, so I don't think these
software updates change the interface very much. There are exceptions of
course; for example, if you needed to migrate from Creator 5 to Creator 6,
you'd have to get some new scripts, but that's not always true. Some of the
programs I worked with at IBM hadn't changed their interface in 15 years and
I could still use the same old Jaws scripts (for Jaws 3.3, believe it or
not) with new versions of the IBM software because the interface didn't
change; the only difference was that with later versions of Jaws, the
scripts had to be re-compiled but that wasn't a big deal.
I'm just logging on and off Skype briefly to add contacts since I don't have
a clue what to do with it yet. I've gotten some nice welcome messages;
folks, I am not ignoring you; I just am in confusion mode for a while
longer. Thanks for the welcomes but I don't know yet how to answer you.

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