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MessageMy roommate and I have been using an online grocer called Peapod, which 
will deliver the groceries to your home. It works great and the service is 
excellent. We haven't had a problem with our groceries yet. There has to be a 
minimum of $50 spent on groceries though, otherwise the order will not go 
through. Each time the delivery guys have come into our apartment. Tipping is 
not required but it can be done.
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  I have not heard this yet, but I can attest that sometimes shopping with a 
partially sighted individual can take a long time, especially when it is a man 
who hates to ask for directions!  

  Rose Combs

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  Hi Gang,
  Join us on our shopping excursion!  I only put on the beginning because it 
really takes quite awhile to find everything.


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