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  • Date: Tue, 8 Nov 2005 11:33:48 -0600

MessageHey I like that "Kentucky Fried Thinkin." When I was in Louisville many 
moons ago I went to the KFC museum and it was awesome! Maybe Larry could do a 
podcast on that museum?
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  It just seems a shame not to be able to use all those cool transitions that 
Larry has accumulated. Sounds like the majority wins on this one, as it should. 
Maybe Larry could label a show "musings" or "Kentucky Fried Thinkin." That way 
he could put all the left-over stuff in those shows, and subscribers would 
always know what to expect when they saw a "Kentucky Fried Thinkin" episode to 
download. Someone could do a really cool intro for that one, complete with iron 

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  Hey there, Jamie.  Yeah, that's an option.  However, it does seem very 
appropriate to have them in their own podcast.  That way, each individual show 
or feedback session or whatever can be listened to or not listened to.  I think 
this is much better than trying to use, say an Iriver, to try and forward skip 
all the way to the end to find what you're looking for.  Just some thoughts!!!

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