[bct] Re: segmented or non-segmented podcasts

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  • Date: Mon, 7 Nov 2005 22:33:26 -0600

How about having short sound seeing tours, user feedback, and maybe really
brief audio reviews in unsegmented podcasts. Longer sound seeing tours and
really in-depth reviews could have a show of their own. I can see advantages
to both approaches.


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Same message as before, but the subject line is more precise.
Larry and list.  I have noticed that some of the last podcasts contain a
number of different podcasts all combined into 1 giant one.  For myself, I
would like to see individual ones instead of a bunch of them together.

Two reasons follow.

1.  If they were individual files, you would only have to download the one
you want to hear rather than a much larger file containing things that might
not be of interest to you.

2.  In a larger file, there is not a really good way to easily get from one
subset of the podcast to another.  True, you can skim through the file with
the bookport and place a bookmark at the beginning of each part, but that
takes a lot of time.

Those are just my opinions.  I would like it if people on the list had the
podcasts presented in the way most people want to hear them.  So, If this is
what people want, I'll come along for the ride, but I thought I would bring
up the issue to see what people thought.
Thanks all.

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