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MessageTracy, I hate to tell you this; but, it looks like Digisign, the people 
who make Pro Tools are not interested in making it accessible to VoiceOver.  
It's a carbon based application; and, the plain fact is that carbon based 
applications are not and cannot be made accessible unless the code is 
rewritten.  Furthermore, I have heard that the people at who make the Pro Tools 
software may soon abandin the Apple platform anyhow.  

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I listened to the mac review and over all I am imprest considdering that the 
voice over program and tiger has only been outten months. 
Some things do make me wonder.
It was said that the apple works is not accessable to the voice over and one 
would think it would be.
It makes me wonder why apple did not bother to make apple works accessable with 
there own screen reader.
Is apple works just totally unaccessable with apple works or can it be used at 
all in some form or another?
Will this be corrected in the next release of the system?
What is the progress of the accessability problem with the protools software?
Has any body heard when that may be accessable?
I tryed going to mac visionaries, and when I got there, there was a link to a 
review page of different programs that were accessable but there was no list of 
programs there.
Several months ago, I tryed that same page and found no list then either.
The page just keeps saying there will be a list soon.
Tracy Son.

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