[bct] request for Public comment on Randolph-Sheppard Act

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Recently there was a post which mentioned the Randolph Shepherd Act.
The  below message is regarding changes in the RSA, I know there is at
least  one vendor on this list and that not all vendors recieve
thisinformation.  Some of  this list's members may work  in a building
that has a RS vendor located who may not be aware of proposed changes
and others may wish to delete this message now. -Curt

TO: Randolph-Sheppard Vendors and advocates for the Randolph-Sheppard

FROM: Krista Merritt, Policy Analyst - American Council of the Blind 

DATE: 02/27/06

RE: Federal Register notice: request for public comment on the
Randolph-Sheppard Program


FYI: Enclosed in word attachments is a request for public comment
(published in the Federal Register) from the Department of Defense (DOD)
regarding the Randolph-Sheppard (R-S) priority of military dining
contracts and a sample response.  Please submit your comments by close
of business (5:00 pm Eastern Time) this Wednesday, March 1.  


Background: The information gathered by DOD will be shared with both the
Committee for Purchase and the Dept. of Education.  The intent of this
notice is to gather information from you, the stakeholder, in order to
inform and educate these federal agencies regarding the
Randolph-Sheppard program.  Please refer to the sample response in the
word attachment. Due to the ongoing Congressional and public attention
to the Randolph-Sheppard priority, your responses addressing merits of
the R-S priority are crucial.  The DOD and the Dept. of Ed. are required
to issue a joint policy statement to the U.S. Congress by April 1, 2006.
Your responses to this document will contribute to outcome the joint
policy statement.  Your timely submission of comments to this request
for comment could determine the future of the Randolph-Sheppard program.
You can make a difference by submitting a response!


Your comments should be emailed (rather than snail-mailed) to Ms. Susan
Pollack at susan.pollack@xxxxxxxx  The deadline for submission is March


Please forward a copy of your comments to the ACB national office via
email at kmerritt@xxxxxxx so that we can continue gathering supporting
documents to assist our efforts in saving, promoting and enhancing the
Randolph-Sheppard program. 


distribute this information to your networks and affiliates.



Key Instructions and supplementary info from the notice (attached in

DATES: Submit written comments to the address shown below on or before 

March 1, 2006.


ADDRESSES: Submit comments to: Director, Defense Procurement and 

Acquisition Policy, 3060 Defense Pentagon, Attn: Ms. Susan Pollack, 

Washington, DC 20301-3060; or by e-mail to susan.pollack@xxxxxxxx


 (Note: Mail comments only if you can overnight or Fed Ex comments to
the address above for arrival on Wednesday.)  



...The interagency team is seeking suggestions for potential policy 

solutions and invites interested parties to submit written comments for 

consideration by the team in developing the policy statement and report 

to Congress. The DoD point of contact is collecting the written 

comments centrally for efficiency and to avoid duplication, however, 

please note that DoD will share all information received with DoED and 

the Committee for Purchase From People Who Are Blind or Severely 




Krista Merritt, Policy Analyst

American Council of the Blind (ACB)

1155 15th St., NW,  #1004

Washington, DC 20005

Phone: 202-467-5081 / Fax: 202-467-5085

email: kmerritt@xxxxxxx / website: www.acb.org


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