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Hey, where do you get a tape long enough to record the Grateful Dead? <gaffaw!>
I'm glad they allowed it though.
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I think a lot of bands won't let you in with recorders. There are bands that do allow taping, think the Greatful Dead and David Mathews did.

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In March I am going to an Aerosmith-Cheap Trick concert. I know it
probably won't come out the greatest with an Olympus Ds-2, but I want
to record it anyway and see what I get. Here are my questions; which
microphone do you think would work best for something like that? My
choices are the SONY
ECM-DS70P Electret Condenser Stereo Microphone, or the Sound
Professional binaural microphones. Guess it had better be on dictation
rather than conference, right? And I imagine I'll have to go with the
64 KPBS instead of 128 if I want to get more than an hour of it.

And another question; I haven't been to a live concert in quite
sometime. Do they confiscate recorders?


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