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You're going to be mighty lucky if they even let you in the hall with any 
kind of recorder.  It's illegal to do what you're contemplating because it 
violates what is known as "fair use" of the copy right protected material 
which they created and own.  When you buy a CD of their's, you do not own 
the music; rather, you only own the physical medium and a license to 
privately use it.  Sorry to rain on your parade, but, that's what you're up 
against nowadays.

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In March I am going to an Aerosmith-Cheap Trick concert. I know it
probably won't come out the greatest with an Olympus Ds-2, but I want
to record it anyway and see what I get. Here are my questions; which
microphone do you think would work best for something like that? My
choices are the SONY
ECM-DS70P Electret Condenser Stereo Microphone, or the Sound
Professional binaural microphones. Guess it had better be on dictation
rather than conference, right? And I imagine I'll have to go with the
64 KPBS instead of 128 if I want to get more than an hour of it.

And another question; I haven't been to a live concert in quite
sometime. Do they confiscate recorders?


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