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  • Date: Sat, 25 Feb 2006 18:25:24 +1100

These days, the problem is the decision is normally not with the band,
but rather the recording company who are always worried about pirated
recordings and bootlegs etc. There are many bands who really don't
mind, but once you have signed a deal with the recording company, the
company rather than the band has most of the recording rights and as
we have seen witht he mp3 issues, recording companies are pretty
paranoid about their ownership these days.


Brent Harding writes:
 > I think a lot of bands won't let you in with recorders. There are bands that 
 > do allow taping, think the Greatful Dead and David Mathews did.
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 > Hi,
 > In March I am going to an Aerosmith-Cheap Trick concert. I know it
 > probably won't come out the greatest with an Olympus Ds-2, but I want
 > to record it anyway and see what I get. Here are my questions; which
 > microphone do you think would work best for something like that? My
 > choices are the SONY
 > ECM-DS70P Electret Condenser Stereo Microphone, or the Sound
 > Professional binaural microphones. Guess it had better be on dictation
 > rather than conference, right? And I imagine I'll have to go with the
 > 64 KPBS instead of 128 if I want to get more than an hour of it.
 > And another question; I haven't been to a live concert in quite
 > sometime. Do they confiscate recorders?
 > Pam

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