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  • Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2006 15:54:28 +0100

Hi Mary and thanks for those words. I'd love doing more sound seeing. Unfortunately, in some situations the language gets in the way, but i'm sure there are ways around that. I won't promise anything but maybe i could do a cast from an amusement park i know. Has anyone else done that?
Yes, the building was on the left and my friend was on the right.
Thanks for the comments.

maryemerson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Good morning list,
Just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed the recent podcasts, especially the ones from other parts of the world. It is so much fun having a choice of what to listen to. I really enjoyed Krister's delightful podcast from Sweden, and the wonderful poem from Trinidad-Tobago. I could listen to you all speak for hours and hours! Krister, I had a couple of questions. I noticed that as you walked, especially to the restaurant, that there were buildings on your left; is that correct? I can only hear on the left side so I wasn't sure if the buildings were on the left and your friend was on the right. Your microphones did a remarkable and excellent job of picking up the sounds around you. When you tapped your cane, the buildings seemed to echo back so I could even tell when buildings were close and when they were far away. It was fantastic!
You are right, that music in the restaurant was rather amusing, especially the way you described it as you walked home.
Looking forward to more podcasts; as the warmer weather approaches, maybe you can do some more sound seeing tours.
Thank you all!
Mary Emerson
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