[bct] radio stations in the uk and stuff.

  • From: "Kristian Whawell" <kwhawell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <blindcooltech@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 8 Jan 2006 18:48:21 -0000

I know I started a new thread here, but I was just reading mary's interesting post about radio stations, I always remember when I was little, gee! that's like ages ago hee hee, only 28 years old but ya know it seems like longer, my gran used to have this old portable radio thing, I think it was an I T T, in fact I stil have the thing some where but the tune dial stopped working, there seems to be some kind of belt thing that moves it and it's come right off. anyway, I remember I used to spend hours listening to all sorts of rubbish on that, particularly I used to like scanning around on the short wave band, you could pick up radio hams and morse code, and all sorts of foreign stations, medium wave, AM, or whatever you guys call it seemed to be mostly british stations but I seem to remember picking up radio luxenburg, I'm sure that was on AM, could have been long wave, it was a heck of a good station as I recall, loads of good music on there, I think in 1984 I got a clock radio of my own and that's when I discovered local stations on the FM band, I'd listened to a few where my gran lived, on the FM band but the pick up wasn't so great in south yorkshire as it is here in north lincolnshire for some reason, I think it has improved now however, I know this is illegal to do, but when I was a kid I used to scan around on the FM band because I discovered that you could get police radio, taxi companies and all sorts of really odd stuff as well as the usual stations. my favorite station used to be viking FM, but sadly, like most stations now, it's gone really crap! I now like listening to magic 1161, which is an AM station, but now I have the sonus 1XT talking digital radio I can get it in super clear sound quality if the arial is pointing in exactly the right direction! that is where digital radio comes in for me, I love the fact that my sonus is so accessible, and the way it talks you through the setup procedures and the menus and things, if you haven't listened to the review on the blind cool tech site, check it out! it's one hell of a radio! digital radio is a bit hard to get used to because the signals are so precise, you can't just stick the arial up and off you go, you have to adjust it until it works, I still just tend to stick it up and switch on, but then I find that the sound quality sounds rather like a badly encoded MP3 being played under water, some times I only need to nudge the arial and it sorts it out, it's really strange. the radio is currently out of action though, cuz the power supply died, after a power surge, it's trashed the cable that goes from the power brick to the radio pannel, totally melted the wire!

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