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If you think you might consider XM radio you can get a 3 day trial that will 
let you hear a pretty good sampling of what they have to offer on-line.  Just 
go to their website and sign-up for the three day trial.  They don't require 
anything more than an email address and password for the trial.  A friend of 
mine attempted to sign-up for a 3 day trial of Sirus, but the website was not 
accessable enough to be able to complete the form and submit it with speech 

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: Dan, Christian and everyone,
: That's a cute story! Reminds me of the one about Earth's first contact with 
: aliens; there were three rooms that led into one another; the humans were in 
: one room on the left, the aliens in the room on the right, and they met in 
: the middle room. They asked each other if there was an answer to war, an 
: answer to population, an answer to pollution, and after each told the other 
: "no", one sighed and said, "Well, I guess that's all we wanted to know", the 
: other agreed, and they went back to their respective rooms and left without 
: looking back.
: Not so cute as yours, but food for thought, nonetheless.
: I recall having a shortwave receiver for a while and being able to pick up 
: Radio Moscow occasionally; it sounded like the broadcasts were being read by 
: some poor soul who sounded desperate to do it right or somebody might shoot 
: him on the spot! Let's hope things are a bit calmer now, and less dogmatic. 
: The other extreme was Radio Japan which, in my brief experience, was quite 
: lovely. You never knew what you'd hear from one day to the next.
: Christian's comments about police radio being illegal is interesting. I went 
: through a phase where I had a scanner for a while and I'd tune in to the 
: police and emergency channels here; it got to be a bit too unnerving, shall 
: we say, so I quit listening to that. Not very pleasant listening when you 
: live in a city. Scanners are legal in the USA and I would imagine quite 
: handy if you live in smaller towns or in isolated areas.
: I had thought of XM but am not sure I'd use it enough to justify the expense 
: to pay for its use. As you say, since it's mostly rock and sports I doubt 
: I'd use it at all. Some of our local stations broadcast on the web, as do 
: many stations around the world, and there are tuners built into Microsoft 
: products as well as web sites where you can listen to just about anything.
: There are even a few folk music stations around; that is good news for a 
: folk music collector like me. It's hard keeping up with it, since it doesn't 
: fit into any particular slot in the standard list of categories.
: Mary 

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