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Now that the prices have droped hugely you may want to try XM radio.  When I 
looked at it a year ago prices for a cheap radio were $150 and up.  I baught 
one for myself for Christmas a few weeks back at the local Best Buy on sale for 
$18 and $40 for the home kit.  It is very small, very accessable, and with a 
choice of over 150 channels you can find just about anything you could want, 
and without the commercials too!!!

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: Hi all,
: This doesn't have a thing to do with Internet radio, which I think is a 
: wonderful idea, but I had a couple thoughts about radio in general; just 
: tossing them out for fun. I do wish your friend success in starting an 
: Internet station; I don't know a thing about it though.
: I guess radio has so many aspects that it's hard to pin down what is good or 
: not so good listening these days.
: My age is probably showing, but I have been a fan of news radio for years 
: and still favor the local CBS affiliate in San Francisco. A lot of AM 
: stations here are foreign languatge, mostly Spanish, and mostly playing the 
: same type of music, so I wonder how they can compete, let alone stay in 
: business. As far as I can tell, FM is mostly rock of some type or other. The 
: variety is definitely gone, which is a shame. As a child, decades ago, the 
: left end of the AM dial had the stronger network stations, and then things 
: got more crowded, with a variety ranging from easy listening to three rock 
: stations to one or two country, a couple soul music stations, and one 
: foreign language station which was quite unique; it had an hour of one 
: language, then another hour of another language, and it rotated over a 24 
: hour period. I loved it as a small child because I could learn quickly what 
: various languages sounded like; they had everything from Greek to Japanese 
: to Portuguese and maybe some Korean, and definitely some Mandarin in there 
: too, plus the usual Spanish. FM wasn't as well known, but in the late 1960s 
: when I started paying attention to it, there was everything from classical 
: to music to poetry readings; all sorts of things that you just didn't hear 
: on AM.
: I probably started a Pandora's box about radio, but would love to know about 
: radio in other parts of the country and the world.
: Mary

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