[bct] Re: quick book port question

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  • Date: Fri, 30 Dec 2005 12:34:25 -0500

Okay.  I think you can do the following then:
When you connect the Book Port, the transfer program starts, but you can exit 
and then..
Highlight your files or folders.
Press the Application (Shortcut key)
Choose the Send to option.
Book Port should be on the list.
The transfer program will take over and download your files but...It's just 
another way of getting your folders/files to the device.

That should do it, if I understood your question.

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  Hi all,

  Quick question: I have a CF card reader on my PC. When I want to read files 
with the braille lite or another PC, I can put a card in the reader, then copy 
the files from the PC directly to a compact flash card. Will this work for 
files that the book port reads? It would be so much faster than having to plug 
in the book port and use the transfer software.


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