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I'll do a music therapy podcast pretty soon. Hope covered the basics quite
well. I'll just give some personal experiences to help add some depth to the
subject. I've been trying to decide what to contribute next. I actually
considered the music therapy discussion quite some time back, but forgot
about it. It may not be till after Christmas. We'll see. 

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Hi Jeff.
Most definitely you can give Amber  my email address.  I would be more than
happy to talk to her, as I'm sure some of our experiences have a bit of a
commonality to them, and she's around my age; I'm 25, but then I guess you
could do the math couldn't you?  <grin> As for my wish to be a music
therapist, actually, I have always liked the idea of music as a tool for
healing, and I enjoy very much the thought that perhaps I could be a part of
that whole community.  It's used for many different things, some music
therapists go to nursing homes and independent living centers and use music
as a way to, if not communicate with some that, might not be able to
communicate in any other way, such as people with alzheimers disease, or
some other unfortunate condition.  It could also, perhaps, spark some happy
memories for those that, maybe, are alone, or at least feel alone in the
world, because a particular piece reminded them of a past time in their
lives that was special to them.  It is also used in hospitals in a more
clinical atmosphere, for children, and, like you said, autism, even some
cancer patients.  The uses and possibilities are really limitless.  Since
Jamie Pauls is the music therapist here, he could probably give you a
better, and more accurate description of what it is, but I hope that gave
you some idea of what I wish to use it for, to help people, to possibly make
things just a bit better for someone, that sort of thing I've never formally
given someone piano lessons, but I have had the fun of teaching my little
cousins how to play easy fun things like Mary Had A Little Lamb and Row Row
Row Your Boat, and it's great when those little faces light up because they
can play a song they know by heart, so then they have to show their new
skills off.  That is really rewarding for me.  I've never pursued the music
teaching career, though I had thought of it a time or two. Now that you've
mentioned it I'll start thinking about it, and, perhaps see about possibly
taking some classes designed for teaching, since you really can't be hired
without an official degree.  Unfortunately.
Ok, now I'm the one rambling, so I'll end this  before I end up writing a
novel.  Thanks for your interest,and I'll look forward to chatting with

All the best,
P.S.  How long have you played?  Do you write your own music?
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> Hope,
>    I liked your podcast and especially your music.  I, too, am a musician.

> I tinker with the piano and actually play the guitar and trumpet.  Being 
> the good neighbor I am, I don't practice the trumpet very often, I have 
> little use for that talent these days.
>    Anyway, I have a friend who also was born prematurely and has vision 
> loss as a result.  Is it ROP?  Well, it was still RLP when I was a kid. 
> So, my friend, Amber, would really get a lot out of talking to someone 
> else who deals with the situation.  There seems to be more to being born 
> that early than one might think.  She seems to be easily overwhelmed by 
> stimulation like loud sounds and so on.  If I got her permission, could I 
> give you her email address or her, yours?  She is 23 years old and lives 
> over in Minneapolis and is a really sweet girl.  Anyway, I know it may 
> sound funny but she has questions about that kind of thing and I have no 
> answers.  We do talk and get along well but I am 42 years old and we don't

> exactly share similar life experiences.  She seems more like a daughter to

> me since mine is 20 years old.  Well, I'm rambling.  Just thought you two 
> would enjoy meeting each other.  Let me know what you think, and then if 
> you think so, I'll connect you two.  She won't join our maillist because 
> she doesn't want to deal with so many emails as it generates, but I'll ask

> her again to connect that way.  Now, I'll ask a possibly stupid question, 
> what would one use the music therapy to treat?  Would it be for autism or 
> something like that, or maybe stress?  It sounds interesting.  Do you 
> teach others to play? Have you ever considered a career as a music 
> teacher? Just a thought.  Well, I will end for now.
> Jeff Armstrong
> Jeff Armstrong,
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