[bct] question about FreedomBox

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  • Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2006 09:05:00 -0800

Hi list,

Disregard if you don't use FreedomBox.

I just signed up a couple days ago; I didn't purchase the software, but chose 
the web interface; when I used the service briefly as a 30-day trial, I 
downloaded and kept the software; when I signed up and tried the software I had 
previously downloaded, it still worked, and still works today, although the 
message about number of days remaining has gone away. Is the downloaded 
software supposed to work, although I didn't actually purchase any software 
when I signed up? If so, will it quit working after 30 days?

I find it highly objectionable that, if you buy the software, they need a 
doctor to sign an authorization form. I know certain areas of the site are 
copyrighted, but why don't they do what Bookshare does, and check with NLS to 
ensure that you are really print-disabled?

Mary Emerson
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